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We Provide Professional Air Conditioning Installation in Sydney

In Australia’s extreme climate, treating the air inside your home is critical to your comfort. In the middle of summer, the heat can be unbearable, and there’s no place to hide as it infiltrates your home. When you factor in humidity levels, the heat can contribute to uncomfortable conditions inside your property. For this reason, you should consider an air conditioning installation in Sydney. ACR Air Conditioning Pty Ltd is a local contractor with the skills and knowledge to assist with Sydney air conditioning installation.

Benefits You Enjoy from an Air Conditioning Installation in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney

The primary purpose of an aircon installation in Sydney is to create an ideal space indoors and prevent external conditions from entering. Occupants can enjoy utopian surroundings regardless of the elements affecting their exterior and maintain complete control of the temperature. There are several other benefits that you can experience when you install an air conditioner in your home:

  • In the past, air conditioning units had a reputation for operating with loud noises. However, modern advancements have eliminated the noise that an air conditioner generates, and you’ll now find that these systems work silently. Opening your windows and doors allows cool air to pass through, but you expose your home to external sounds. This noise can be distracting, especially if you live on a busy street. A Fujitsu air conditioning installation goes about its task quietly and allows you to shut your doors and windows to block out external noise. As a result, you can work or rest without disturbances.
  • While most people prefer summer sun to gloomy, stormy days, the sun does have its drawbacks. Insects such as mosquitoes thrive in these conditions and are a nuisance to address. When you open your doors and windows for a dose of cool air, you allow those insects into your home, where they can cause disruption. Installing an air conditioner eliminates the need to open doors and windows, which shuts out insects.
  • When you decide to equip your home with an air conditioner, you’re also taking care of the quality of the air indoors. If there are occupants who struggle with respiratory issues and allergies, you can’t afford tainted air to circulate through your space. Thanks to new technology, these systems offer a high-quality air filtration process that eliminates common bacteria and other allergy-inducing elements such as dust and pollen.

Modern-day air conditioners are energy efficient, consuming 80 percent less power than other systems.

Tips for Getting More Value out of a Fujitsu Air Conditioning Installation in Sydney

When you install air conditioning in your home, you can expect it to deliver at least a decade of service. However, this expectation is unattainable if you don’t correctly care for your air conditioner. There are steps that you can take to increase the longevity of your air conditioner, which may extend beyond ten years:

  • After an air conditioning installation in Caringbah, you can help maintain the efficiency of the system. Your first step is to ensure that the air conditioner stays clear and clean. If there are blockages in place, the system won’t function correctly and will use more electricity to compensate for the extra work. Seek the assistance of a professional to clean or replace the filters. If your household includes pets, you should clean the filters more often. Keep the external components clear of debris and dirt.
  • It’s essential to avoid overworking the air conditioner or placing it under stress. Setting the temperature at its lowest available number strains your system. While it’s tempting to enjoy Arctic temperatures of 16 Degrees-Celsius in the summer, you don’t need the air conditioner set so low to be comfortable. Instead, maintain the temperature between 23 and 26 Degrees-Celsius. Other home elements, such as insulation and ceiling fans, will help to reduce the workload of your air conditioner.
  • Determining the area size for air conditioning installations in Sydney is critical to their effective operation in your home. Consult with professional air conditioning installers in Sydney to measure the size of the room that you want to treat. Using an inaccurate room size can lead to complications: a system that is too small will have to constantly strive to cool a large room, which will result in higher energy consumption and accelerate its wear and tear. Conversely, a larger system will use more energy unnecessarily. For best results, when the air conditioner is in use, close the doors to the rooms that don’t require cooling.

About ACR Air Conditioning Pty Ltd

We are a proud Australian company that has been in business for nearly 20 years. The work that we’ve completed during this time has solidified our reputation as a leader in the industry, especially around the greater metropolitan areas of Sydney. Thanks to our many years of experience, our team has gained valuable knowledge and can consistently deliver high-quality workmanship.

We are the official partner of global brand Fujitsu, and we were the ‘Dealer of the Year’ in 2013 and 2014 in New South Wales. We’re in a position to offer financing through our partnership while we maintain access to specific, high-quality brand materials. You can trust us to deliver exceptional work with every air conditioning installation.

We can start the process by supplying you with a free quotation for the installation of your new air conditioner. Simply contact us to set up an appointment and begin enjoying your indoor space.