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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Sydney

Once installed, your system can last for years, as long as it is properly looked after. The highly experienced and knowledgable team at ACR are the most trusted service for air conditioning maintenance in Sydney – we offer routine maintenance of domestic conditioners at a set cost per system.

Air Conditioning Service in Sydney

We can attend to all of your servicing needs, should your conditioner not be working correctly. We aim to attend to any breakdowns as quickly as possible and will go out of our way to work around the lifestyle and schedule of the client.

Preventative Maintenance Plans (Commercial)

These preventative plans for air conditioning maintenance in Sydney encourage our clients to be pro-active in the upkeep of their systems. Benefits of such a programme include: improved comfort levels, efficiency and reliability leading to a reduction in repair costs and an increase in the life expectancy of the systems. We serve schools, office and factory complexes, theatres, medical centres, hotels, shops and cafes across the city and inner west Sydney.

Where Do We Cover?

We are based in Caringbah, Sutherland Shire and we have the facilities to deliver an air conditioning service across inner west Sydney, northern, western and southern suburbs. We also cover many other areas of New South Wales, Wollongong and Newcastle.

For further information on our air conditioning maintenance service, call (02) 9526 7313 or email your enquiry to sales@acrair.com.au – our team are more than happy to help. In a number of cases, we carry out a service and repair under warranty – get in touch today to discuss your warranty needs.

We Provide Professional Air Conditioning Installation in Sydney

In Australia’s extreme climate, treating the air inside your home is critical to your comfort. In the middle of summer, the heat can be unbearable, and there’s no place to hide as it infiltrates your home. When you factor in humidity levels, the heat can contribute to uncomfortable conditions inside your property. For this reason, you should consider an air conditioning installation in Sydney. ACR Air Conditioning Pty Ltd is a local contractor with the skills and knowledge to assist with Sydney air conditioning installation …read more

Everything You Need to Know About Aircon Service in Sydney

How do you know when you need aircon service in Sydney? Why is AC maintenance so critical? Do you need a service provider that has experience with your specific type of air conditioner? These are all important questions, and they're just the beginning of what you might wonder as a homeowner with an AC unit. We often take these essential appliances for granted, trusting that they will supply cool and comfortable air on demand even on the hottest days—until they unexpectedly break down or stop working as intended. From the outside, air conditioners can seem complex and difficult to understand. Combining fundamental knowledge about aircons and the assistance of a trusted service provider will translate into better AC operation and greater peace of mind for you. At ACR Air Conditioning Pty Ltd, we've proudly served the Sydney region for nearly twenty years. With a proven team of experienced technicians and the capability of supporting many of the most popular and common brands in Australia, we can de-mystify the aircon and open the door to high-quality and trustworthy service. Explore the different brands that we support and learn about the most critical aspects of air con maintenance.

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Daikin Air Conditioning Service in Sydney

Another major brand that we support is Daikin, a manufacturer founded and based in Japan. Built with precision engineering and high-quality parts, this brand's equipment boasts excellent reliability, which contributes to its popularity with homeowners throughout our service area.

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Ducted Air Conditioning Service in Sydney

Ducted central air systems aren't common in older homes, but they're increasingly popular thanks to the efficiency of the units and their ability to cool every room in the house at the same time. Whether you're used to mini-splits or have just moved into a new home with a ducted system, regular maintenance is as critical for your new unit as it is for any other type of aircon. Is there anything unique about working on these systems? Consider the differences, and you'll understand why our team is the right choice to address your concerns.

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Fujitsu Air Conditioning Service in Sydney

Fujitsu is another Japanese brand of aircons that we support regularly. From central air to multi-room mini-splits, these units provide much-needed versatility for both large and small Australian homes. As with all the other brands that we support, we have extensive experience with these units and a strong understanding of the quirks of the brand. Consider the advantages of using our team for Fujitsu air conditioner service in Sydney, and understand how you can be sure that it is the right time to call for professional help.

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